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Sell Your Sailboat Today

At Lake Tahoe Sailing we are always looking for ways to expand our fleet of charter vessels worldwide. If you are trying to sell your sailing vessel you have some problems. 1) It's hard to sell a boat! 2) You have slip/mooring/hard storage fees to cover while your yacht sits on the market unused. 3) You will need to pay a broker 10% commission to sell your boat. Let's face it. Selling a boat is a money draining pain in the ass.

We have a solution. Sell your boat for top dollar over time. We have many motivated charter skippers who want to live on your boat, charter it to make money and buy your boat in one to two years. They live on your boat, they make money chartering it, they take care of the expenses so you don't have to. You get top dollar for your boat but you'll have to wait one or two years to get paid. Think about it. It might take several years to sell your boat through a traditional broker. You'll need to pay significant storage fees while your boat sits unused. It's systems falling apart from not being used. You could instead sell your boat to motivated skippers who love sailing, don't mind living simply, and love introducing people to sailing. There is a thriving market for sailing experiences world wide. A 50 foot yacht can accommodate 20 people and pay $1000 for just three hours. It's realistic that one of our Captains can buy your boat in 1 or 2 years time.

Not every boat makes sense for this proposition. We are looking for yachts that are 45 foot plus. They need to be racer cruiser type boats that look enticing online. They must be comfortable enough to live aboard but still give some performance to allow guests to experience sailing. We are not looking for old stinkpots or motor sailors.

If you have a sailboat that you want to sell, get in touch with us. We can pair you up with a motivated licensed skipper that would love to live on your boat, charter it and pay you top dollar over time.

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